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Consulting & Project Management

Aggregating many years of consulting experience and technology insight, we can provide to our clients valuable information and services on assessing and selecting appropriate technologies for satisfying their business needs. Infili can undertake the role of managing any IT related project regardless of size. Bearing significant experience in leading many multi-million IT projects, we can be the ideal partner for outsourcing the management tasks of large IT projects.

Research & Innovation

Our goal is to leverage our company’s research and innovation capabilities to generate distinctive value through new, improved products and services in the most prominent research areas of ICT. Infili is active in the whole lifecycle of research and innovation. By participating in H2020 and nationally funded Programmes we have undertaken successfully all actions from project concept generation to proposal writing, project implementation and commercialization of research and innovation work.


The company is designing solutions for vertical industries with diverse and very demanding requirements regarding the exploitation of their information and knowledge repositories. Infili focuses in Enterprise IT systems deploying custom applications for a multitude of potential customers from the public and private sectors.

Distributed AI (DAI)

We design, develop and deploy enterprise Distributed systems. In complex artificial intelligence applications could easily be run on the fly across hundreds of thousands of compute cores around the world

Information Intelligence

Infili researches and develops methods and tools which support information and data services such as Information Extraction, Smart Information Aggregation, Information Filtering, Recommender Systems, User Modeling and Web Mining.

Security and Defence

Infili Technologies having a strong defence-related core, provides goods and services and delivers into the supply chains of prime contractors in the Defence industry across the land, systems and maritime domains.

Big Data

Our company applies technologies for the fast and accurate analysis of large data sets that are being derived from different sources (from the network, firewalls, data bases etc.). Various frameworks are being deployed (such as Apache Mahout, Spot and others) to build an operational environment for quickly creating and applying scalable machine learning applications (including collaborative filtering techniques, Naive Bayes classification and others).

About us

Infili is a research intensive SME that utilizes a unique combination of high-end technologies as an outcome of many years of R&D experience. The company is designing solutions for vertical industries with diverse and very demanding requirements regarding the exploitation of their information and knowledge repositories.
Headquartered in Athens, Greece and founded in 2015, Infili has managed to experience a significant rise since its creation. The company is structured around a pool of highly qualified and motivated IT engineers with expertise in international projects.

Java Programming (J2EE)




Open Source


Machine Learning and AI




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The Team

Nikolaos Papadakis


Nikos is the technical guru and the man behind every solution offered by Infili.

Antonis Litke


Antonis is a research and innovation passionate aiming to find the next solution to an open problem.

Angelos Anagnostopoulos


Angelos is the code magician of Infili. He is fast and sometimes furious.

Dimitris Papadopoulos

Senior ML/NLP Research Engineer

He hangs out with models all day; mostly PyTorch ones.

Bill Keleris

General Project Manager

If you want to see a rainbow, you have to learn to see the rain ...

Eleni Vernardaki

E-Marketing Specialist

Eleni loves the sun and her free time hobbies. Our social media presence is on her hands.

Maria Gourniezaki

Project Manager - Developer

Maria is our project manager. If you collaborate with us you will definitely have to work with her.

Despina Vallianou

Project Manager - UX expert

Despina is an enthusiast of organization. She tells us how things should look like.

Dimitris (a.k.a. "James") Makris

HW specialist - Developer

With ancestors in Sparta he is our new UV Fleet General-Architect.

Dimitris Paraschos

HW specialist - Developer

Our UUV Maestro, aiming to conquer deep blue seas.

Thodoris Panagou

R&D Engineer

Science and tech enthusiast.

Ioanna Christogianni

Assistant Project Manager

Project plan, preparation and project resources' allocation is her passion.

Evangelos Mantas

DevSecOps Engineer

Lorem ipsum is never an option.

Orestis Kompougias

Machine Learning Engineer

3e-4 is the best learning rate for Adam, hands down.

Kalliopi Koutsiouki

Full Stack Software Developer

Adventure in life is good; a bug-free code is even better.


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